Hand on workshop 


the free Statistical Software Application of Statistic in Agriculture



Time:                15thAugust 2017

Duration:          9-16:30

Venue:              University of Mohaghegh Ardabili

Instructor:      Jens Carl Streibig, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen.


Note: Just the conference registered members could participate in the workshop with an extra charge based on the table below:

Participation type

Registration Fee (until 6 August)


Scientific members

20 US dollars



15 US dollars



30 US dollars



Uncertainty happens and we must use statistics to determine how closely data correspond to working hypotheses. Whether you publish in international journals, at local meetings or writing up reports, you present effects of treatments to substantiate you results by statistical analyses.

If you have ever wondered when to use analyses of variance or regressions this course is for you. We will provide you with guidelines on how to select scientifically and statistically sound analyses


Bring your laptop and prepare for the workshop by downloading:






If you are Mac user:.













Getting data into R,

the R programme


Basic statistics



Testing ANOVA

Testing Regression




Various good things to know

Introduction and objective of  the workshop

Installation of R (done before the workshop by students)

Installation of RStudio (done before the workshop by students)

Get your data in shape

Introductory Statistic

Graphic presentation


ANOVA, one way, two ways

How to report ANOVA


The differences between ANOVA and regression


Is a relationship linear?

How to report regression analyses

The statistical assumption

To transform and not transform that is the question.

Do not blindly copy what others have done in statistics